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nancy goodiwn

Craig mentioned Mary Lou's ice cream because we bought some before we got our ice cream maker on Craig's List. We are really digging the homemade right now!!! If you do buy Mary Lou's, get it at the milk bottle in downtown Spokane rather than the valley location which is sold through Pizza Rita on Evergreen Road. The Mary Lou's from Pizza Rita we tried was icy and gummy- tasted like it had been sitting there a long time, whereas the same stuff at the Milk Bottle is very fresh and yummy. Could be because so much more is sold at the Milk Bottle location.

Jonn Moomaw

Thanks, Craig and Nancy. You inspire Jen and me. We might have to take your lead over here in Tacoma. Keep up the great info!


Are there other famers markets in the north county? I have heard Camden Grange and the Clayton Fairgrounds have summer markets.


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