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March 24, 2011


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nancy goodwin

So I'm glad they didn't mention you're a pastor w/ the whole illegal chicken thing. Or did they?

Gary M Angell

Boy have those chickens of yours got it made. Next should legalize the Roosters so we have equal opportunity. Then folks could enjoy the pleasures of raising baby chickens the natural way. Few things more pleasing then watching a mother hen care for her chicks. Also in the bird world the beuaties are the Rooster's. Rooster's usually make less noise then dogs. I've had hens announcing their egg deliveries that are louder than the roosters.

Keith Kerber

We'll have to make a point to come see your now famous homestead and its "illegals" this summer!

nancy goodwin

We'd love that, Keith!

Gary, that is so true about chickens making a ruckus when laying. We still run out thinking for sure a raccoon or a hawk is messing w/ them only to find it was just an egg drop. What is that? Does laying eggs hurt? Are they merely showing off their accomplishment? Maybe I should ask So, the "chicken whisperer..."


Nancy, Craig's book and this blog and your family's adventure and quest to honor God and care for His people and His earth are so inspiring to us! Thanks for not giving up and not selling out and instead being the kind of leaders in the church that we so desperately need. I am proud of you guys!

nancy goodwin

Kim, thanks so much. We're really just plain goofy, but don't blow our cover. Keith alluded to a trip out our way- hope that comes to pass! Sure love you guys xoxo


You can be goofy and do God's will at the same time - lol! I hope so, anyway, or I will always be out of luck... That WOULD be really cool! I would love to spend some time with you guys and experience Spokane.


For the record, Kim read Keith Kerber's comment and thought we (Keith...) were planning on coming to Spokane this summer - she just told me this moments ago... At this time, I love you Goodwins, but to ensure no mix ups - there are no plans except for me going to Washington to catch and release rainbow trout at Ross Lake... not to say I wouldn't love to see the garden, fish in your river there, do a plen-air painting at some beautiful spot and eat some dandelions.


thanks for doing the story, as it will help inform people, so we may choose to raise our own foods, or care for our own pets within reason of our acomodations. I would like to know if another workshop will be held soon. I see from the news video that i missed one on April 2 2011.


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