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Congrats Craig! I've added it to our Amazon wish list. One comment -- the text says it releases March 1, 2010. But after thinking that I already missed reading the book, I realized that elsewhere it says March 2011. Very cool for the whole family...



Thanks for the catch on the date Mike. I changed it.

Beth Thomas

This is so awesome, Craig! Look forward to reading it.


It is March 1st!! So does that mean I can find your book in stores now? So excited to get a copy.

Eric Blauer

Tried to pick it up yesterday at 3 luck? Any chance you might know where it can be purchased in Spokane?



I know B&N in the Valley had it and sold out and have ordered more. Aunties ordered some too but may be sold out. You might call Sun People Dry Goods. I know they had some ordered also. Thanks for hunting it down!


Just finished the book and found it really thought provoking! I agreed with much of the content about living simply, eating locally, supporting farmers...but I do have a couple points I would like to add. Some Christians (including me) while we do believe in taking care of the earth do not believe in climate change because there is evidence that the scientists have manipulated their recordings of temperatures and their conclusions. Climate change is used by some to advance their agenda which sometimes puts the "earth" above people and our freedom is in danger by the massive regulations in place in this country. Another aspect that most people don't look at but you did touch on is that everything has unintended consequences such as recycling. We happened to be at a forum where the whole discussion was on recycling and how it isn't working - now what should we do? The basis was that while the waste was being reused the exhorbitant amount of energy it takes to break down the materials and the cost of it is far greater than the reward. In other words recycling doesn't turn out to be very "green". As a conservative Christian who chooses to work towards self-sufficiency build community and relationships with the farms and people around me I do feel like we walk a thin line of taking care of the earth - loving people and yet not advancing a harmful agenda along the way. Just wanted to share my thoughts...
Thank you for sharing your journey!


Thanks for sharing some of your perspectives. I agree that it's all such a complicated web of causes and effects that is so difficult to get a handle on. That's why I like starting with a local setting where things are easier to see and understand and agendas are less diffuse.

Thanks for reading the book.

Blessings to you on your journey of plenty.



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