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I was just referred to your blog from your mom! she thought I would like it and wow, she was right!!

Jean-Paul Collaert

I am a french gardening journalist, and also author of several books on this subject. Through Internet, I discovered your beautiful vegetable garden labyrinth. I'd like to talk about in my next book, devoted to ingenious gardening, published by Larousse. Can you send me some pictures (july 04, 2008 ; september 01, 2010, for example). I will cite the source and talk about your very interesting blog.
Jean-Paul Collaert

GiGi Bradford

Just finished reading your book. I bought over the summer at a UMC Annual Conference in Georgia. They had a traveling Cokesbury Bookstore set up. I actually thought it was a book about backyard gardening. I really enjoyed your story and found it very captivating. Very insightful.

My husband is a UMC clergy in No. Georgia so we understand what it means to live on a small budget. We actually tried to do something different last year with our Christmas spending. Our family tried to only puchase gifts for each other that would fit in a Christmas stocking, which we hoped would lead to less spending overall. We had planned on spending the money we would have spent on gifts on a trip to Disney World. It was very difficult to just purchase small gifts for each other and not feel guilty about not purchasing more stuff for each other. It was hard on our extended family to not give us gifts. We told everyone that we had too much stuff and did not need anything. But they found it so strange not to give us gift.

I am thinking about doing my own "year of plenty" experiment in 2012. Any suggestions on how to get started? How to get the family to buy into the experiment? We have a 21 yrs old daughter (college student) and a 17 yrs old high schooler?

GiGi B.


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