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Phoenix Moomaw

I want to know what foods you are growing now. When can we come see you guys!! I wish we lived closer to each other!! Talk to you soon!


Nancy Goodwin

We would LOVE to have you visit us! Right now nothing is growing except our compost pile.:-) We are going to try to plant our tomatoes from seed this weekend. Craig has quite a system set up in the basement where he grows the plants under flourescent lights, then he brings them to the greenhouse. So if you visit us, you might want to come closer to Summer because right now the only vegetables we eat are carrots, potatoes, squash, onions, garlic and alfalfa sprouts. (We found alfalfa sprouts grown in Moyie Idaho. The girls love them!)
God bless you Phoenix! Say hi to Mom and Dad!

Jacque Hendrix

Your quest sounds fun and challenging. I look forward to following via your pages.


Kathryn LaPointe

Hi Spokavores! Finally got around to visiting this page. Awesome adventure you are on; truly inspiring as we prepare to move back to the suburbs. I'll have a lot of alone time in the next few months to live vicariously through your blog since my main gardening man is moving to San Diego without me. Love to all of you.

tish grier

Hi! just wanted to pass along the link to your page on Placeblogger

We're delighted that you stopped by and added your unique and wonderful site to ours. Please contact me if you've any questions.

Tish Grier
Chief Community Officer


I just finished reading the Inlander's story on your family's quest to decrease your comsumption and buy local. I don't think your family looks weird; in fact, I think you are doing a wonderful thing! What a lesson for your children, not to mention other Spokane families with young children. How did our lives get so out of balance that we lost sight of what really good food tastes like? I applaud your efforts and I will continue to read your blog. I wish you all the best in your experiment!



I just got done reading your article in the Spokesman and was looking up Behms Valley creamery and stumbled across your page. What you are doing is GREAT and I think you are great inspiration for many people who are trying to adapt to and adopt using local products rather than products from all over the world. I have three young girls and it is great to see that you are able to implement this plan with your children and really follow through and figure out how to get around obstacles together! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Mike Kincaid

Y'all are an inspiration. How cool to try new local restaurants, and cheese, and homemade ice cream made with honey. And to take a timeout from our culture of consumption--neat!

I do have to admit though, I have a bit of garden envy...our little garden in Texas is pretty darn small...but we have harvested a bunch of strawberries...and our first cucumber is growing. But that doesn't sound anywhere near as cool as Craig's combination basement-greenhouse-garden! : )

Thanks for sharing your journey --



Excellent! Keep up the good work! The best way to localize our economy in Spokane is by creating a demand. So, thank you for taking action and creating this great resource. I will be referring to it often!


I think it's really great what you guys are doing. My wife and I are in the early stages of trying to decide what something like this could look like for us. It's really encouraging to see a whole family committed to addressing consumption issues together. I think you guys have a great approach!

ally brakebush

hi aunt nancy!
what u guys are doing is really amazing, But it seems soo hard! I wish we can come down again and visit your gadern! My mom and I had so much fun with you! Keep up the good work! Hope to seen you soon!


nancy goodwin

So good to hear from you! Don't think what we're doing is too hard. Craig and I and the girls were able to drink bubble tea (boba) today, so it can't be THAT hard! Wish you guys could come up again and walk the garden labyrinth with us. It's quite an adventure in our back yard these days! I don't know if I'll get a chance to see you when I come out in June, but have a great last couple of weeks of school. I'm sure you're excited for Summer! Love you Ally!


I love this blog! I find it so refreshing and inspiring! You are providing so many great resources; I can hardly wait to try them all out!

Maureen Farmer

I am a master gardener and my profession is programmer/project manager. This spring, I taught myself the PHP programming language to improve my professional skill set. To practice, I created The Farmer’s Garden website. The site, is a place where people can post free classifieds to sell, trade or give away their surplus backyard garden produce.

I launched my site in May 2009 and it is nationwide. I think it is a great resource for members of your community. It is very easy to grow more produce than you and your family can use. Why not share your local, fresh and delicious vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. with others?

Registration is free and required to post a classified. Registration is not required to search the classifieds. Can you please provide a link to my site, on your site?

Thank you.


Tickled pink to read about your great year....Awesome as we know you are, working God's plan thru this marvelous example.....Hugs and Kisses to you and the family from H-Town

nancy goodwin

Thanks Liz and Bob! What fun to hear from you! I'm curious to know if you've heard of people experimenting w/ these ideas in your neck of the woods...


you know where we live.....not too much sure you heard of clpc sermon that mentioned you and the NY times. we are supposed to "try something used" rather than new this week and also to "share soemthing" rather than get one of your own. Very minimally, I shared a theatre program and wore a used sweater for the frigid weather this week, it feels good and will try for the next 30 days to do some more.....where there's smoke there is fire.
Local farmers market on 3rd Saturday in League City is on my list to visit and perhaps purchase the LOCAL stuff. xxxooo

Jacqulyn Fletcher

Wow! How excited I am to find your blog!! I am the American Food Examiner for Spokane on, and I am constantly looking for places and faces to connect my readers with more locally grown sustainable resources for the kitchen. I always include links to farmers market websites, and addresses for those without websites. Id love to use you as a resource for information for my articles, and I encourage you to check out what I have now. Again, I am excited to come across your blog and was directed your way by Rocky Ridge Ranch, so a special thank you to them as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.


I'm glad you found your way to the blog. I'll be sure to check out your site and keep up with your reporting. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or ideas for blog posts.


I love your last line on your bio. It is a big task, and one that takes a community to do. My husband and I are trying to follow in your blogsteps and use less. We have a half acre and four couples who are willing to help us garden and compost, this will be a year of plenty: Plenty of fellowship, friendship, food, and if I am sticking the letter F, Fun!


Lindsey - blessings on your journey. We certainly have found it rewarding.


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