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March 23, 2011


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Gary M Angell

they should include what to do with the chicken litter when it is dirty. Believe most resistance to backyard chickens has been due to the summer smell of accumulated chicken droppings in the Winter and carried over to hot summer days. Ordinance should say anyone who doesn't keep a well manicured lawn can't have chickens as folks who can't find time to mow their lawn are usually the ones who don't clean up well and could spoil it for everyone else. An opinion.


bock bock!

nancy goodwin

That's such a good point Gary. There definitely needs to be an awareness of how the chickens affect everyone else. Like you said, we don't want to do anything to make people think this ordinance is a bad idea! A couple weeks ago in the Valley Voice a woman wrote in complaining about neighbors who seemed to be oblivious at how the noise affected the neighborhood- she was really angry. And it made me sad because it puts a damper on all of us who really want this allowance. We chicken owners/lovers need to work on our reputation in the community. We love our neighbors just as much as we love our chickens :)


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