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September 23, 2010


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I heard a rumor that our CC&Rs don't allow chickens, but...since they don't allow cars parked in front of houses, trailers in front of houses, and various other infractions that people do all the time, I'm getting really close to taking the plunge. (Really close could be a year from now...I plunge slowly!) I'd love for us to have comprehensive rules to follow, but am not holding out any hope.

Craig Sr.

Living on the west side, I will say that we have plenty of chickens in Black Diamond and immediate surroundings. We have no "ban the coop" ordinance here and have quite a few friends who can supply us with eggs. In putting together our ordinances, we focused more on how many livestock could occupy so much space, more humanitarian than anything. And we do have plenty of chickens and hares and much more. Biggest controversy is how do you harvest a cow in the City limits when city ordinances prohibit discharging a firearm within city limits. Pretty simple, we just notify the police department and common sense prevails. As time goes on and our community grows, common sense will be harder to come by, but for now, even on the west side, it is possible.
So hang in there. We are not quite ready to set up our own coop yet, but knowing that we can is pretty fun.
Could it be that the west side is less stuffy than Spokane?
Back to working on my rain garden.

dan hansen

You'd better watch out, Craig. They'll find someone else for Grand Marshall.


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