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March 10, 2010


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Honestly, the hardest part for me was wondering how it was all going to come together. Parents on their way and a chicken poopfest upstairs... gross! I tried to light candles and use those plug in air fresheners... Just really glad those first days are over. I highly recommend having the chicken coop built BEFORE you bring home the chickens.

Michelle, as for the cats, you're just going to have to build a really good fence with no way the cats can get in from the coop roof. Now that our chickens are grown we've seen cats close them and one got in the coop and chased a chicken around for a while, so I'm amazed the chickens remain unscathed. Seems that since the chickens are so big now the cats are more intimidated... Anyone else have more to chime in about the cat/chicken issue?

Michelle Sidles

Thanks Craig & Nancy! :)

I'm already thinking I'm going to have to cage up my raised garden bed because that cats seem mighty interested in "using" it. :{ (We made a commitment to own these cats... and we will see it through. However, when they "depart" from us down the line I don't think we'll replace them). Until then... I'm debating adding chickens into the chaos.

I'm totally looking forward to more in your "Chicken Series." ;) Thanks for addressing my questions. :)


We have cats and chickens and there are no problems. Why?

1. The chickens have a pen. If we didn't pen them, they'd be eating every little thing in the garden, and diggind up the rest, and that would make me very sad. They also need to be penned so they don't run into a neighbor's yard or worse, the street.

2. We don't let our cats out of the house (neither should you!). Not that they wouldn't adore being outdoor kitties—both are active, fully clawed former strays. It's just that cats, and ours especially, are amazing hunters. Nationally, housecats kill millions of birds per year. I can't justify putting my cats' percieved happiness over the life of even a single wild bird.

I'll add that we live in a small space and raised our chicks in the garage, with a heatlamp. No barnyard smells for us.

nancy goodwin

I think our garage was full of wood/supplies for the coop at the time. Also, it would've been harder for Craig to check on the chicks in the middle of the night if they were in the garage (the laundry room is next to our room). I'm not kidding- it reminded me of when our daughters were newborns!


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