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March 11, 2010


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Craig Sr.

Very cool. Obviously, we had a great time contributing in small way to great result with the Chicken Coop. So, how do you compare this to raising Rabbits? Will admit that I am challenged by this thought of bunnies for food but have learned that we have much to learn every day - so what is your take on eating bunnies? Fluffy - what happened to you?


I'm in the County and can't believe that we can't have chickens, but people in the City can...with lot sizes smaller than ours and a concentration of the population higher than ours. Makes no sense...


Amen to that Erin.


Craig, it isn't a "they can and we can't - that's no fair" sort of thing.

It is a, "we ALL should be able to, just about anywhere we might live."


Steve - agreed

Breeding Rabbits

You did a good job on that chicken coop. very impressive. I have seen some rabbit hutches before but they don't come close to this chicken coop. Good Job!


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