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November 26, 2009


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I can't imagine us boycotting anything back in 1981...seriously. We didn't see much wrong with our lives and most of us didn't question the constraints we lived under. I never would have guessed I'd "grow up" to reject so much of what society says is "normal"...wild homeschooling mom that I am.

Happy Thanksgiving...


I love it. I am so glad to see young people seeing the b.s. for what it is.


this is actually in Medford MA not Medford OR...


Thanks for the clarification.


too bad our sub-master is taking it as a joke. today i heard him say to another studnet "i think the people that started the boycott are confused."


Do you go to the school that is staging the boycott. If so please keep me posted here on how it unfolds. I'd love to do a follow up post on people's reactions.


i believe that school for is unhealthy right now for language arts im right9ing an editotial about how unhealthy the school food is


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